We understand the world of private wealth. We know that the priorities of individuals and families are the preservation of wealth, safeguarding of privacy and promotion of values. Our lawyers’ experience is rooted in private wealth having worked in law firms and trust companies in London, Jersey and Guernsey. We combine this experience with our extensive network of contacts in the major offshore and private wealth jurisdictions around the world. We have advised the world’s wealthiest families as well as UK and offshore trustees and family offices.

Our advice covers the administration of trusts together with the holding and transfer of assets through companies, trusts and partnerships amongst others. Our recent work includes advising a UK trustee on a share buyback. This involved group companies in the UK and Luxembourg ultimately owned by the trustees of a Jersey family trust. Whether you are a settlor, beneficiary, trustee, protector or executor, we will be by your side whenever you need us.

Living your values

The world’s focus has turned to assessing the consequences of all our investment and lifestyle decisions.

An increasing number of individuals and families want to create impact and embrace the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Transitioning to a more sustainable way of living in which we protect our precious world, understand the true source of products and treat people fairly takes commitment. These objectives can be captured and adhered to through a Charter so that they can be assessed and enforced in a structured way.



Resolving disagreements

Our relationships constantly evolve. It is inevitable that individuals sometimes disagree with others and family members sometimes disagree with each other or their advisers. 

We work to avoid disagreements turning into disputes where possible. If they do arise, we are experts in handling them and have worked on the most complex and high value cases.

We advise on situations such as:

  • Requests for information
  • Breaches of trust
  • Removal of trustees
  • Applications to court for its approval in relation to the application of a trust instrument covering variation, rectification, construction and mistake

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